Help for Wojtek Kicinski

28 year old PhD student needs help
we are collecting money for prosthetic hands and rehabilitation

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Wojtek Kiciński

On February 14, 2008, the life of a young Chemistry student changed irreversibly. Wojtek Kicinski is a chemistry PhD student at the WAT, the Military Institute of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. On that fateful day, Wojtek was performing routine laboratory experiments related to his thesis, when some synthesized material exploded in a ceramic dish in his hands.

As a result of the explosion, he has lost both hands and his left eye. He is badly scarred due to glass cuts on his face and chest. Whilst his body is quickly recovering from the trauma, his vision remains blurred due to a glass fragment in his right eye which may need further surgery. His hearing has also suffered some damage from the explosion.

Wojtek Kiciński

Wojtek could only afford state insurance for his health and potential accidents, as he attends a Polish state university. Unfortunately, the insurance will not cover prosthetic hands advanced enough to allow Wojtek to fulfill his potential and lead a normal life. He also has limited coverage for his rehabilitation. He may need more complex eye surgery to restore his sight, possibly outside Poland. Given the extent of his injuries and potential disability it is yet uncertain whether Wojtek will be able to complete his PhD and have a full working life. We believe this heavily depends on the quality of healthcare he receives now, particularly the prosthetic hands he will be able to afford.

We ask for your help this promising, talented young student return to a full working life. Donations to the foundation will be accessible only to Wojtek’s family and will be used exclusively for his treatment and rehabilitation. We thank you on Wojtek’s behalf for your kind generosity.

Foundation "Zdazyc z pomoca" request your help for Wojtek Kicinski’s treatment and rehabilitation

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